Getting Started

I am Darrell Lewis, creator of this website. If you are a teacher, but dream of starting your own business then you are in the right place. Statistics show that 40-50% of teachers leave the profession by the end of their 5th year. Many of those who do leave the profession or want to leave the profession dream of becoming their own boss, but they just don’t feel like they have the knowledge or time to do it.

I created this site as a road map for those who are in this position. My goal is to show you not only how to start your own business, but also how to do it in the limited time teachers have available to work on a business.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to move full time into entrepreneurship or you are simply looking to start a business to supplement your teaching income. The information presented in the pages of this website will help you do both with the confidence you are doing it correctly and will be successful.

Since this is the “Getting Started” page you will find helpful posts linked below that will help you begin your journey toward becoming an entrepreneur. I have also linked to several of the resources that I recommend you use.

What this site is not

This site is not a get rich quick system. If you are looking for something to make you a millionaire over night you should find a different site. Instead, this is a site all about putting in a lot of work now to create a business that is sustainable over time.

I will also teach you ways to implement passive income into your business. What is passive income? Passive income comes from putting in work up front and then reaping the benefits for days, months or even years later with only minimal effort to keep it going.


Helpful articles to get you started

9 Transferable skills every successful teacher has – Not sure if you have the skills to be an entrepreneur? If you are successful in the classroom then I bet you do.

How to pick a winning business idea РSteps to follow in order to increase your chances of finding a business idea that will not only be successful, but also enjoyable.

Quit procrastinating and take action – Too many people get excited about their business idea, start planning, and never follow through. This article outlines why you should take action immediately.


How to get a website online

(Disclaimer – The following links are affiliate links. You pay the same, but I make a small commission for referring you)


Reliable servers with top notch customer service. I have tried many hosts and Bluehost is by far my favorite.
There are many free website hosts out there, but they are not your best bet if you are going to start a professional looking business. They limit your functionality and design as well as forcing you to keep their domain extension in your web address. If I was to have hosted this website for free with WordPress instead of using Bluehost my domain name would have been That doesn’t look as professional does it?

For more information about free vs paid hosting read my article, vs


Making your website look nice

Elegant Themes


One small yearly fee and you have unlimited use of all their themes.
Not sure what a theme is? Try this article. What is a WordPress theme?


Don’t forget your email list


Start Your Free Trial Today
Give Aweber a try with their 30 day free trial. After 30 days it will cost you a little money, but it will make you more.

One of the most important things you can do to help your business be successful is to start your email list immediately. Many of those in the online business world will tell you that they might make as much as 90% of their income from those on their email list. Waiting to get it started delaying your first paycheck.