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Darrell Lewis - Eureka RealtorDo you want a smooth, quick, low stress and hassle free transaction when you decide to sell your house? When you list your home with me your sale will get the highest level of attention. I know that a lot of little things have to be done right in order to get you home sold and sold quickly. I treat every home as if it is a multi-million dollar listing. Every listing gets premium marketing materials, professional photography, and a lot of hard work from me to make sure it gets sold.

So why does it benefit you to hire me to sell your house?

Current Marketing Knowledge

Real estate has changed a lot in just the last few years. The way business was done just a few years ago is completely different than how things work now. Buying and selling homes is becoming a very technological process. It is very rare that a potential buyer comes from seeing your home in a magazine or newspaper. Buyers are now using online tools to look for homes to purchase. When you hire me you benefit from having an agent that is very knowledgeable and effective at marketing your house online using different websites as well as social media.

Market Knowledge

As a Realtor it is my job to know the local real estate market. Every neighborhood is different from the next. Home prices can vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. I have the market knowledge to position your home for a successful sale regardless of the amount of competition.

Actively Working

I am an agent that actively searches for buyers for your property. When it comes to selling your house I do a lot more than put a sign in the yard and list it in the MLS and then “hope” that is sells. I spend time each day actively searching for and talking with potential buyers. It is my goal to find you a ready, willing and able buyer for your home as quickly as possible.

Your Listing is a Priority

Each listing I take is very important to me and getting it sold is one of my highest priorities. I do not take a listing in which the owner is just testing the waters to see if they can get more for their house than it is worth. When homeowners do this their house sits on the market for weeks. That allows me to prevent having a bloated list of properties that require a lot of attention even when some of the owners know their property probably will not sell. When agents have those properties it means that your house gets less and less attention. Why would you hire an agent that spends more time focusing on selling a houses that the homeowner’s doesn’t really want to sell than they do selling your house? I only take listings from owners who have a strong need or desire to sell and that means no bloated list and much more of my time and attention focused in on getting your house sold.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

When you hire me to sell your house you are hiring an agent that is going to be honest with you. Buying or selling your home is usually the biggest financial transaction you will make in your lifetime and I am an agent that will tell you exactly what you “need” to hear in order to get it sold. I am not going to tell you what you “want” to hear just so I can get the listing. Like I said above, I only take listing in which homeowners have a strong need or desire to sell so there is no purpose in me giving you untruthful information just to get you to list your home with me.

When you hire me to sell your house you are also hiring an agent that is trustworthy. If I tell you that I am going to  do certain things in order to get your home sold then you can feel confident that I will do those things. I am not someone that is going to promise you hundreds or thousands of dollars spent in marketing your home if I have no plans of actually doing that. If I tell you that I will do something it will get done.

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